Larix gmelinii var. olgensis - Olga Bay larch

Olga Bay larch is native to North Korea and neighbouring areas where the climate is similar to Finland’s. Fast-growing, hardy, and beautiful, it grows well in southern and central Finland. Unfortunately, it has so far been planted almost solely in scientific collections. Significant characteristics in identifying the species are the slightly upward-growing branches, very short needles and the cones, which are shiny red before ripening.

Mustila has a small plantation of Olga Bay larch on the west side of Etelärinne (Southern Slope), dating from about 1910. The provenance is unknown. A. F. Tigerstedt had noticed their rapid growth and early autumn coloration in the nursery stage, the latter an indicator of hardiness. Now over a century old, they are still beautiful, like slender versions of the European larch (L. decidua).


Larix olgensis ©Jaakko