Arboretum Café

Uphill from the parking area is an old granary where the cosy Arboretum Café invites visitors from the beginning of May until the end of September. The café is closed during winter season (from October until April).

Main accompaniments for coffee or tea are salty or sweet pastries baked in the café kitchen. Also sweets, ice cream and soft drinks are sold. Light lunch (usually a soup with bread) is served in June and July. Lunch, tea or dinner for groups but must be ordered in advance. Proceeds from the café are used to the maintenance and development of the Arboretum.

The space upstairs can be rented for meetings, lectures or festive occasions. It accommodates comfortably ca. thirty persons.

Also on sale in the Arboretum Café:

  • seedlings of uncommon plants (outside the café)
  • seeds of trees, shrubs and perennials (should be ordered in advance). 
  • gardening literature and botanical publications. 
  • postcards and souvenirs (e.g. hardwood carving boards). 

Guided tours

We arrange guided tours for groups in the Arboretum. The theme and duration of the tour can be suited to the group’s wishes. Usually the tours are the length of an hour, or less than a kilometre through the central areas of the park: the Azalea Slope (Atsalearinne), Rhododendron Valley (Alppiruusulaakso), Terrace (Terassi) and/or the Hazel Slope (Pähkinärinne). The tour can be conducted in Finnish, Swedish or English. The guides are experts from the Arboretum.

When the guided tour is not longer than an hour and a half, the charge is 50 euros / guide (+ entrance fees) on weekdays, and on weekends and public holidays 70 euros / guide (+ entrance fees).  Prices for study and school groups and longer special tours are agreed and priced separately. Coffee or meals may be ordered for the tours.

Public guided tours and events

Public guided tours (at the price of the entrance fee) are arranged on the most active seasons at times published in advance. These times are given in the summer calendar of events. Also specific theme tours, lectures and other activities for visitors are listed there.


The office of Arboretum Mustila is situated on the hill next to the café.

Office hours are 8:00-16:00 the year round. During winter season (from beginning of November till the end of February) the personnel is at its minimum and not always in the office building, and it is advisable to agree on the visit in advance. 

From the office you may order:

  • seeds
  • plants
  • guided tours
  • coffee and meals for groups
  • botanical and gardening publications

Inquiries and reservation

Please contact the arboretum office.