Prunus sargentii - Sargent’s cherry

Sargent’s cherry is a small to mid-sized tree usually of regular shape, which flowers early when other trees are just awakening to spring. In flower, it is the princess of any garden or park, totally smothered in large rose-red cherry blossom. The effect is emphasised by its brevity – flowering lasts only for about a week.

Sargent’s cherry comes into leaf after flowering, with beautiful coppery foliage soon changing to green and finally to orange-red autumn shades. In winter the white-streaked chestnut bark is highly attractive amid a snow-covered landscape.

This cherry grows naturally in Japan, Korea and the Russian Far East, for example on Sakhalin Island. As a mountain species it is noticeably hardier than the hybrid Japanese cherries so can be successfully grown in suitable sites as far north as central Finland. At Mustila there are specimens of several provenances which show slight differences in flowering times and habit.


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