Diervilla lonicera - northern bush honeysuckle


Northern bush honeysuckle grows naturally in the eastern parts of North America, from Canada’s Quebec south to the dry poor soils of Alabama in the USA. The species regenerates well after the forest fires which are frequent in Alabama.

The stems of the shrub form a perfect dome, making an easily cared for and attractive shape. This shrub also has many other excellent qualities: it remains low, not exceeding a metre in height; the lance-shaped leaves are a beautiful deep green throughout the summer, turning wine-red in autumn; and it thrives almost anywhere - dry stony ground, shade, or open sunny areas.

The only factor limiting its use in gardens is the lack of showy flowers. They are a modest yellow, hidden throughout the summer from June to August by the rich foliage so they are hardly noticeable. This honeysuckle may produce root suckers so is perhaps best as a beautiful fill-in shrub in semi-natural surroundings such as woodland gardens or arboretums.


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