Vitis coignetiae - crimson glory vine

This is definitely one of the most attractive species of the Vitis genus. It is a deciduous vine whose beautifully veined leaves can grow to 30 cms in good conditions. It climbs using tendrils, and once it has settled in place grows rapidly. In autumn the leaves are aglow with shades of orange, red and yellow.

The crimson glory’s flowers and fruit are of no particular interest except to pollinators and birds, which they attract in numbers. From eastern Asia, the species is best in a maritime climate, and enjoys even Finland’s relatively cool summers. Autumn colour is reliable, as can be seen quite early on the Arboretum’s Terassi (Terrace) and on Pohjoisrinne (Northern Slope) in the Japan section. Though fairly hardy, it can’t match the Amur grape (V. amurensis) in this respect.

Growing crimson glory against a warm sunny wall means it will be better prepared for the onset of winter. There seems to be no evidence that either its roots or its shoots and tendrils cause any structural damage to buildings.


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