Preface to plant descriptions

Over 100 different conifers, over 200 broad-leaved trees and shrubs and hundreds of herbaceous species are approximated to grow in Arboretum Mustila. Exact number is not known, and comprehensive list is still under preparation. Ca. 500 important species are described here at the website, but this list is by no means comprehensive.

These plant descriptions were co-written by a team of Arboretum Mustila staff and Friends of Arboretum Mustila: Osmo Jussila, Paula Kiuru, Kimmo L. Kolkka, Tarja Kolkka, Marjatta Laine, Seija Lehtinen, Jussi Lähteenmäki, Jaakko Saarinen, Susanna Simovaara and Kristian Theqvist. The text were translated into English by Tiina Vuori, Don Welsh and Susan Sinisalo.

Photographs were supplied by Osmo Jussila, Jukka Reinikainen, Jaakko Saarinen, Susanna Simovaara and Kristian Theqvist. Their copyright is reserved to the photographers.

Abies sibirica -puistokyltti © Susanna