Viburnum lantana - wayfaring tree

If you need a fairly tall flowering shrub for a rather dry spot, the wayfaring tree is a good choice. The leaves and dense habit reduce noise, it is resistant to wind and pollution, and needs little attention, making it ideal for many landscaping situations. There are also yellow-leaved (e.g. ‘Aureum’) and variegated varieties on the market.

The wayfaring tree flowers yellowish-white in June, and the unpleasant scent is often mentioned. In autumn the shrub is covered with red berries which change to black as they ripen. Sometimes there may be flowers with red and black berries at the same time. The berries are not edible. The leaves pass through shades of greenish-red to wine-red before falling.

The dense sturdy specimens at Mustila have thrived for decades. They grow on Etelärinne (Southern Slope) and at the gate to Mustila Manor.


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