Acer rubrum - red maple (scarlet maple)

The colourful red maple is native to the eastern parts of North America in moist rich broadleaf and mixed forests along waterways. It is also a valued park tree with several selected forms and cultivars in America. The species blossoms with red flowers before the leaves break, these being at first reddish, with silvery or blue-grey undersides. New shoots are also red. Autumn colours are showy, from golden yellow through orange and scarlet to a deep purplish red. For best colour it prefers full sun.


Red maple is rare in Finland, though it has been grown here for a long time. At Mustila it is one of the main features of Etelärinne (Southern slope). It grows best at the eastern end along the stream running through Tammimetsä (Oak Forest), where the soil is moist and clay-rich, producing luxuriant growth. It has spread from here by natural seeding.‍‍ 

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