Populus maximowiczii - Japanese (or Maximowicz’s balsam) poplar

This species is one of the most beautiful of the poplars. Its large thick round leaves form attractive layers along the wide-spreading branches, their pale undersides as if illuminating the shade of the tree. The catkins of female trees can be up to 20cms long. Leaves in their autumn colours could be used for their decorative qualities in wreaths and bouquets.

Growing naturally in sunny flood meadows and river valleys, this poplar is found naturally in the Russian far east, in China, Korea, and Japan, where it can reach 40m. In Finland it also seems to develop quickly into a large tree, in the right place.

At Mustila, this has been one of the most successful of the poplars. Several sources from Hokkaido are under trial, and all have so far grown well and remained healthy.


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