Fraxinus pennsylvanica - red ash

The dioecious (i.e. individual trees are either male or female) red ash is native to North America, where it has the greatest range of any of the ash species. It has also been long grown in Finland, having proved hardier and less demanding than the native common ash (F. excelsior). The red ash has an attractive habit and is widely used in streets and parks.

The leaves of the red ash are slightly smaller than those of the common ash and have fewer leaflets. In winter the two trees can also be distinguished by bud colour, those of the local species being black, those of the red ash are brown. However, the smaller American tree with its multitude of branches can not match the majestic stature of the common ash.

The red ash can be seen at Mustila as a small stand west of Tammimetsä (Oak Forest). It prefers full sun, is untroubled by severe winds and is quite happy in dry or moist soil. It takes on bright yellow colour early in autumn, glowing against the blue of the sky.


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