Tilia platyphyllos - large leaved lime

In full flower large leaved lime is a showy fragrant tree whose range covers continental Europe. It is large, with a smooth trunk producing no suckers; the crown is round and regular. As the common name suggests, leaves are large, larger than those of common lime. Flowers are produced in fan-shaped hanging clusters of 2-5, while the fruit are often large, and more or less clearly divided into 5 hard segments.

Large leaved lime is the second most important European lime (or linden) species and commonly used in parks. In Finland it grows well as far north as Oulu. The even more commonly used Common lime (or Dutch lime, Tilia x europaea), with its rough and knobby trunk, is a cross between large leaved and little leaf limes (Tilia cordata).

There are handsome large specimens at Mustila at the western end of Pähkinärinne (Hazelnut slope) near Tammimetsä (Oak Forest), among mature ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and oak trees (Quercus robur). Together, they make an impressive grove‍‍‍‍.


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