Leucojum vernum - spring snowflake (St. Joseph’s bells)

The spring snowflake is an early bulb reminiscent of snowdrops (Galanthus), though with a more robust habit. It blossoms in early spring as soon as the snow has melted, or even through melting snow, with bell-like and faintly scented white flowers with yellow (L. vernum var. carpathicum) or green (L.vernum var. vernum) tips at the end of their tepals.

This plant may be difficult to grow in the garden, but once the right spot has been found, it forms a large clump and will slowly begin to spread. In the Mustila Arboretum, Spring Snowflakes rise in large stands e.g. between Juhlapaikka (Festival area) and Etelärinne (Southern Slope), under the Larches and along the brook. They also thrive in the Alppiruusulaakso (Rhododendron Valley). They seem to thrive best in ground that is damp all spring but dries up in the summer. The bulbs should be planted early in the autumn as they do not survive long storage.