Bergenia cordifolia - Bergenia-Heartleaf / pigsqueak

Bergenia-Heartleaf never fails as groundcover and it is grown in abundance and in all kinds of places. In a dry spot on top of a stone wall the leaves are small and sometimes bright red. In richer soil, the leaves are glossy and remain green throughout the winter. Bergenia-Heartleaf thrives at Mustila in the perennial bed beside the path from the Café to the Festival Area.

The inflorescences rising well above the foliage in spring are magenta pink. The shades of pink vary considerably in perennial beds because there are many species, varieties and hybrids of unknown origin in cultivation.

Bergenia-Heartleaf can sometimes be found in rather surprising places. Thrown in the wild, a piece of rootstock in the garden waste may start to grow. The thick and leathery leaves do not immediately dry, and the rootstock has time to take root.


Bergenia cordifolia © Susanna