Hemerocallis esculenta - day lily

This day lily species (H. esculenta) blooms in June or July depending on its origin. It has orange-yellow slighly scented funnel-shaped flowers and one flower lasts only a day, this gives the genus its name day lily. The flowering period is however longer since new flowers appear every day. The latter part of the scientific name esculenta means eatable and daylilies have been grown as an vegetable for at least a couple of thousand years in Asia.

Today day lilies are ornamental perennials which are bred continuously to get novel hybrids and varieties. The color scheme of their flowers is wide and two- or even three-colored hybrids exists. Also the variation of the height and flowering-time is great.

H. esculenta forms a large clump when its happy and and the flower stems can be one meter heigh. It is originated from Eastern Asia and it grows there in the mountain meadows and forest edge so it can also flower in the semi-shade.