Thalictrum rochebruneanum - lavender mist meadow rue

The large Genus of the meadow rues (Thalictrum) consists of many garden worthy perennials. One of the best is the lavender mist meadow rue. It is showy already in the spring when its burgundy frosted shoots hold blueish-green delicate leaves as layers in a half-shady woodland clearings. The flowers appear not until in August and look like air floating fairies when hanging in a sparse cymose inflorescence. The flowers are pale violet about two centimeters in diameter and there is a bunch of yellow stamens at the center of the flower. The blooming period is quite long since there are plenty of pearl-shaped buds to be opened.

In Mustila lavender mist meadow rues flourish well even if in shady places they may need support from the neighboring plants. Their flowering that can be noticed even from far is a very welcomed addition to the few late summer bloomers. The seed production is plentiful but hardly any seedlings have been observed in the open field. So one must specifically start sowing.