Trillium grandiflorum - American wake-robin (great white trillium)

American wake-robin grows in both North America and East Asia and the genus contains many fine shade perennials. Characteristic for all of the them is their trinity, the stem is three-edged, there are three horizontal leaves and also three petals.

Near the Terrace in Mustila in Macedonian pine forest grows American wake-robin which is the most common of cultivated wake-robins. In nature it can be found in deciduous forests of eastern North America as similar large covers as we have wood anemones. As in America everything is considered to be bigger so also American wake-robin is much more robust than wood anemone and also one of the biggest of the genus. Also the white flowers opening in June are big and wide. They rise elegantly above the leaves contrary to some other nodding flowered wake-robins. White flowers get red toning at the end of the bloom.

In North America American wake-robin growths have been severely exploited. It has been collected from the wild to medicinal or food purposes and also to the commercial plant sales.


Trillium grandiflorum ©Jaakko