Vitis riparia - riverbank grape

Riverbank grape is the most widespread of the native North American vines, and its range extends quite far north. In the wild it grows on river banks, as the common name indicates, but also in forest openings and along roadsides, either clinging onto other plants or growing along the ground. The alternative common name of frost grape doesn’t refer to its hardiness, but to the sweetening effect of the first frosts on the grapes. In America these acid but aromatic wild grapes are still picked for home-made juices and jams.

Vitis amurensis - Amur grape

The Amur grape is an attractive vine which can also be used for ground cover. It grows naturally in areas of eastern Asian where the winters are noticeably colder than in Finland and is claimed to be hardy down to -40C in the heart of winter. However, when growth begins in the spring it is tender to late frosts.