Rhododendron 'Pink Parasol'

’Pink Parasol’ is one of the Yak cultivars, with excellent shape and masses of flowers. It was registered by the American David Leach, who obtained seed of Yak Rhododendron (R. degronianum subsp. yakushimanum) from England, and was convinced that his ‘Pink Parasol’ and ‘Mist Maiden’ were selections from yakushimanum. However, there seems to be some doubt about the seeds having been the true species, as these cultivars show characteristics indicating the involvement of Smirnow Rhododendron (R. smirnowii).

'Pink Parasol' blooms pink in June, the colour fading as flowering progresses. New growth is also extremely attractive with silvery felted leaves. The indumentum on the under surfaces gives some protection against drought, and best flowering is achieved when planted in good light.

'Pink Parasol' is a slow grower, only reaching about half a metre in ten years, but in time can grow to over a metre.


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