Abies nephrolepis - Khingan (or Hinggan) fir, Manchurian fir, or Siberian white fir

The Khingan fir is native to north-east Asia, growing mainly east and south-east of the Sea of Okhotsk, with isolated stands as far south as the Korean mountains. The species is closely related to the Siberian fir (Abies sibirica), and it may be considered an intermediate between the Siberian and the Sakhalin fir (Abies sachalinensis). A hybrid form of the Manchurian and Siberian firs (Abies x sibirico-nephrolepis) occurs in northern Manchuria.

The Khingan fir is quietly elegant, with a regular, dense crown. It is rather slow-growing for a fir but extremely cold-hardy. At Mustila it has suffered no snow damage, although the angle of the branches is low in comparison with the Siberian fir, which is native to snowier areas. There has been little sign of deterioration with aging, the crowns having remained beautifully dense. So far the species has been little grown in Finland so its northern limit is uncertain, but it may well extend right up into Lapland.


Abies nephrolepis @Kumpula ©jsaarinen