Viburnum rafinesquianum - downy arrow wood

Downy arrow wood resembles in appearance another American viburnum, the southern arrow wood (V. dentatum), both being useful, hardy shrubs. The downy arrow wood’s long leaves are toothed at the edges, with wine-red autumn colour.

The white flowering occurs in June, as with most viburnums. The berries ripen early to black but are not particularly showy. This species could be used more generally in view of its hardiness and moderate size.

Viburnum lantana - wayfaring tree

If you need a fairly tall flowering shrub for a rather dry spot, the wayfaring tree is a good choice. The leaves and dense habit reduce noise, it is resistant to wind and pollution, and needs little attention, making it ideal for many landscaping situations. There are also yellow-leaved (e.g. ‘Aureum’) and variegated varieties on the market.

Viburnum furcatum - scarlet leaved viburnum

IOne of the most beautiful of the genus, this viburnum grows naturally on the islands of East Asia. It flowers early in spring, producing white inflorescences with a ring of large sterile flowers surrounding the smaller fertile central ones. Only after flowering do the large round leaves open, reddish and wrinkled but soon changing to deep green. Before falling, they take on carmine autumn colour.