Corydalis nobilis - Siberian corydalis

Siberian corydalis is one of the old perennials flourishing in manor and parsonage gardens. It can also be found in the Mustila manor park, as well as in the Juhlapaikka (Festival area) and Atsalearinne (Azalea slope). Besides gardens, it may be seen as garden escapes in herb-rich places around old settlements. Ants disperse the seeds efficiently while using the elaiosomes attached to the seed as nourishment.

Corydalis cava - holewort

From the large genus of Corydalis the native in Finland are only fumewort (C. solida) and C. intermedia. Holewort is a delicate species from the Central Europe and it has reddish-purple or occasionally white flowers. The major difference to the native fumewort can be found underground. Fumeworts are tuberous plants and tuber of holewort is hollow (cava = hollow, concave).