Larix gmelinii

Larix gmelinii var. olgensis - Olga Bay larch

Olga Bay larch is native to North Korea and neighbouring areas where the climate is similar to Finland’s. Fast-growing, hardy, and beautiful, it grows well in southern and central Finland. Unfortunately, it has so far been planted almost solely in scientific collections. Significant characteristics in identifying the species are the slightly upward-growing branches, very short needles and the cones, which are shiny red before ripening.

Larix gmelinii var. gmelinii - Dahurian larch

Dahurian larch is native to the coldest parts of east Siberia, where it forms the world’s northernmost forests on the Taymyr Peninsula, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. This species even grows in the coldest area in the northern hemisphere, in the Verkhoyansk mountains, where temperatures down to -70C have been recorded. Despite this, it struggles on through dry summers taking advantage of the moisture released by the surface melting of the permafrost. It is assumed to be hardy throughout Finland.