Syringa villosa - hairy lilac

Hairy lilac flowers after the common lilac (S. vulgaris), in late June. During flowering the shrub is covered in tight conical clusters of flowers on downy stalks, opening a beautiful rose-red, which gradually fades. The scent is faint, and perhaps less attractive than in other lilacs. But even without flowers the hairy lilac is a beautiful, rounded, broadly-growing shrub. The leaves are large, often quite narrow and long-tipped, dull green above and blue-green below.

Syringa vulgaris - common, or French lilac

The scent of lilac blossom is an inseparable feature of the Finnish summer, just like the slightly later blossoming of the midsummer rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Plena'). The large lilac shrubs are covered in early summer with violet or white, strongly scented, erect flower clusters. The lilac’s smooth pointed, almost heart-shaped leaves are also easily recognizable, as are the tall strong stems. Lilac wood is extremely hard and close-textured.