Rhododendron 'Lita'

’Lita’ is one of the rhododendron varieties produced by Prof. Rihards Kondratovičs at Latvia University, Riika. Pollen from the English white-flowered Waterer variety, 'Mrs. P.D. Williams', was used on the Catawba rhododendron (R. catawbiense). ‘Lita’s’ blossoms combine its parents’ characteristics: they are wavy-edged and pink, with a strong yellow-green splotch inherited from the father.

’Lita’ is also a successful cross with regard to hardiness, with -35°C being claimed. The variety grows about 1,3 metres high and slightly broader in 10 years. However, growth does not stop there – the original plant in Latvia has reached 2,5m in 30 years.

At Mustila, ’Lita’ has thrived and flowered beautifully, but the snowfall here seems a little too much for it, depressing the branches to ground level and spoiling its habit.


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