Rhododendron 'Eino'

’Eino’ is a rhododendron hybrid with purplish-red flowers, created at Mustila by using pollen from the red-flowered ‘Dr. H.C.Dresselhuys’ with one of the Seidel Group of rhododendrons growing at the Arboretum. The buds are strikingly dark in colour, and when they open in June the flowers have a flame-like pattern on the upper lobe. ‘Eino’ grows to about 1.2m high in 10 years, after which it mainly grows wider.

’Eino’ was planted at Mustila in the 1980s during tests of Finnish rhododendron hybrids. With sparse curving branches, this shrub is protected by snow during the winter, which helps it survive the hardest frosts, and occasionally it flowers abundantly.


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