Acer pensylvanicum - Moosewood (Moose maple, Striped maple)

Moosewood is native to north-east America, where it grows in shady broadleaf and mixed forest on rich soil. It has large pale green, slightly drooping leaves which take on a noticeably pale yellow colour in autumn. The most notable characteristic is the striped bark, which is green and white when young, brown and white in maturity – thus the alternative common name.


In Finland the species is grown almost exclusively in botanic collections but would be suitable for more general use, being both attractive and shade-loving.


At Mustila it grows in several places. These plants are all from seed collected in the northernmost part of moosewood’s range in Canada. Despite not being very old they are already showy, especially in spring as the buds open in many colours and in autumn when the leaves take on a warm yellow colour.


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